Glass Layer Popup is a javascript library which aims to provide lightweight way of displaying javascript popup windows and dialog windows. The library is completly independant on external libraries and can be easily bundled with any website or web application.

Library is currently under development phase however even now it provides most wanted features which makes it fully usable. Working examples can be found inside tutorial which is available under Documentation link.

Some features of this javascript popup window library are:

  • support for showing html popup, content of which is filled with html given as parameter
  • support for showing iframe popup, content of which is taken from given url
  • possibility to display unlimitted number of popups at ones
  • cross browser implementation (tested with Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer 6+, Chrome, Safari5)
  • fully customizable via css stylesheets or options passed as arguments
  • multiple iframe popups can be nested inside one another

The library is distributed under Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

The source code Glass Layer Popup library is hosted on For more details visit project site on sourceforge – Glass Layer Popup on